Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Online Learning

The Internet is an amazing place. It is full of everything you could ever want to know and some things you wish you never did {like the lyrics to Grease Lightning!?!? Who Knew?} With learning in mind, the Internet is a sea of learning websites. You can earn your high school degree, a college degree, get a dogs get the message. You can even find a tutor, using sites like tutor spree, to help you do all this online learning.

As a mom, I love to encourage my children to learn something from everything they do. Isabelle, at 5, is really starting to get into "playing" on the computer. She spends hours taking care of pets at American and playing with her favorite characters like Dora and Doc McStuffins at Nick, but her new favorite is

Isabelle is quick to remind me that it is a "learning system" and not a game lol. She asked to go to the website after seeing a commercial for it on TV. {she LOVES her commercials, always trying to tell me which latest TV gadget I NEED to have haha} We set it all up and I pretty much lost my computer from then on.

She made her avatar look just like her and made it almost 40% of the way through the preschool program in the first few days.

It keeps track of everything she has learned and she earns stars and tickets for every lesson completed. The tickets can be used to purchase toys and decorations for your online room, furniture, or in Isabelle's case, lots of pets and clothes! She has so much fun and is excited to learn more. Which makes me grin, and cry, and the smile and cry at the same time, which doesn't look as pretty as you may think. How do your Little's learn at home?

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Erica said...

Way to go Isabelle! Looks look you are breezing through those lessons. Saw the comercial for abcmouse the other day and thought it looked cool. I am sure Cadence will be on the internet like her mommy always is haha.