Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Head First into Fall

Fall is here and we have been trying to get out and enjoy it as much as we can before mean old man winter comes :(     My mom and I NEVER get to do anything together alone. We went to the covered bridge a couple years ago and have been waiting to go back, so this year we went up the night before, got a room, and had a GIRLS WEEKEND!!!

 A little room service for dinner

Preshopping selfie

The Covered Bridge Festival is located in Parke County Indiana and takes place for a week, starting on the 2nd Friday in October every year. They have whole towns full of vendors selling any and everything you can think of and every fair type food imaginable (Im not going to lie, I basically go for the food)

Funnel cake

Taco salad (after I ate half of a not so great corndog)

Me and my momma

It was raining most of the day and pretty cold

The best part is the drive up. All of the leaves are turning and it is such a beautiful trip...

We stopped off at a picnic area for more food (this time we had a tenderloin, fried pickles, and curly fries lol) and we sat near this comforting sign...

They actually made us get up a move away lol

This is her, Im nervous about the snakes and getting rained on look

That Friday my in-laws set up an awesome night out at their house for the kids. Papaw took them on a hayride, they had hot dogs on the bonfire, and got to spend some good quality time with all of their cousins. (The adults had a pretty good time too)

Jude loves tractors

Sunday it was time to root on our Colts again. This time we left the kids at home and filled our backseats with kids of another kind...

Me, my mother in law next me, and our gal Angie in the back

A few days later was my 30th birthday!! The hubs had to work, but my momma made me a delicious dinner and got me a cake. We went out to eat the next night as a fam and I  threw myself a party later on (more on that later this post)

That weekend was Luke's cousins wedding, so we headed to Louisville for fun festivities with the family (It was another beautiful drive)...

This Friday was Halloween. Unfortunately daddy had to work again this year, but GG came trick or treating with us! Isabelle prepared by painting her "Elsa" pumpkin and got the nice surprise of loosing her first tooth on Halloween...

Halloween jammies

Doing a little shopping while sissy is at school

My Hollywood Diva and Thomas the Train

Isabelle and her bestie

Saturday was my birthday party! I have had several birthday parties at our family cabin over the years so I thought it was perfect for my 30th...

The remote location and the devastating realization that I am 30 made the Zombie Apocalypse the perfect theme...

With the busy weekend behind us, we have been taking it pretty easy around here...

Stay tuned for more fall fun to come!!


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