Friday, December 16, 2011

Proud to be an "Over Achieving" Elf on the Shelf Mommy

As you know, we have been having a blast with our Elf on the Shelf, NoNo. This was our first year with NoNo and so far it has been so much fun. I know lots of other families who also take part in this tradition and it has been a blast reading about their elf ideas and sharing in the fun with them by using their ideas ourselves. However, there are people out there that seem to have a problem with the Elf. My friend Andrea wrote about this in her blog Ramblings From A Mother of a 5 Year Old I was appalled by all this and had to let it soak in for a day before I could bring myself to blog about it without sounding like a raging lunatic.

My main issue in all of this is not the Elf. Different families have different holiday traditions and if the Elf is not something you are into then that is just fine and dandy. My issue comes from 3 little words...Over Achieving Mom.

This infuriates me. The notion that Moms who go above and beyond in their Elf antics are over achievers who are acting for those who read about them on the internet is offensive to me. Shouldn't we all as mothers try to "over achieve" in the care of our children? Would under achieving be a better alternative? I wake up every morning and try to do whatever it takes to make my daughter have the best childhood possible. One thing I have learned in the 4 years I have been a mother is that time goes by way too fast and I want to try to make each day count, every memory special, and all holidays magical. If this means I have to move around a stuffed elf every night..done. If it means I have to play little pet shops 10 times a day...done. My child will only be a child for so long and I want to relish in every moment of it!

Now that I am finished with my 2 cents on all of us "over achievers" out there, let me share what our Christmas Elf has been up to lately....

NoNo TP'd the tree and living room

NoNo and Barbie taking a spin

Isabelle and her daddy set a trap to catch NoNo in the middle of the night

It worked

But NoNo got her revenge 

NoNo drew a mustache on Isabelle's face while she was sleeping

There were more marshmallows but we all got hungry though out the day

Sneaking into the gifts

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Andrea said...

Your blog made me smile.. I so wish Kobe played with Barbies so I could do the whole barbie and car thing..