Monday, October 22, 2012

Beer Tasting Birthday Bash

My Dad and his twin sister turned the big 50 last month! My mother in and I decided to throw them a party but were struggling to find a gender neutral theme besides he usual "over the hill", black, or your super old themes. After much thought and hours of pouring over Pinterest I came up with an idea I thought would suit them both, Beer tasting!

Once we had our theme nailed down, it was time to discuss decor. With the help of Pinterest yet again and a little of our own imaginations, we came up with several beer themed decorations made from bottle caps. { If you are one of the many people who collected bottle caps for me for weeks, I appreciate it so so much, thanks again}

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 For the names, I sat and hot glued each bottle cap into place. I had plenty of tiny cuts and burns on my finger when I was finished to show for my hard work.

I also glued caps to empty formula cans to make a utensil holder and for people to toss their bottle caps into when opening their beers.

Extra bottle caps inside of punch cups with some flame less candles, made for nice lighting all around the party.

We picked 5 different kinds of beer for people to sample. We labled each bucket with a number and then the numbers were written on the chalk board. We set out little cups and after tasting each one, guests marked their favorites on the board (of course I didnt get a picture of this after it was done)

We also had tubs of soda, water, and regular domestic beer for non-drinkers and picky drinkers.

Of course, its not a party with out food! Once again, I was caught up in keeping things flowing for the party and did'nt get to take pictures of it all, but this was our menu.
Baby Burger Sliders

                                                                  Veggies and Dip

                                                                  Not pictured

                                        Baby Brat Sliders
                                        Solo Cup Tacos
                                         Mini Cheesecakes
                                         Mini Apple pies

Several guests also brought along snakc mixes, popcorn, sausage and cheese etc. which we placed around the tables along with some "50 sucks" suckers and candy.

Most of the buckets, bowels, platters, etc were purchased at the Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, or Target and most were on clearance. Since we wanted to write the numbers on the buckets and the names of the food dishes on the platters, we taped off and spray painted lables on them with chalkboard paint. The bottle caps were free and we borrowed corn hole boards for some mid party entertainment. All in all it was a great party! I had a great time planning it and I think the guests had a nice time too!

Some fun party people, including my grandma

The birthday girl, deep in conversation

Isabelle had a blast running around all night with her cousins

Birthday boy!

Two of my favorite men, My daddy and my brother

My other mother, Janny Janny

My actual mother

Even the dogs had fun

Happy 50th!!

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