Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Wow! We have had a wonderful week! We had a ton of fun getting ready for Easter all week long. This is our 3rd Easter in Florida and I found myself looking back at last years Easter blog and being reminded of the similarities of last year {like waiting until the last minute for bunny supplies} and also of all the major changes {like another kid,hello}. 

 One afternoon, we decided to have an Easter egg lunch hunt! I filled 12 eggs with various foods...

PB&J, grapes, carrots, goldfish 

I then hide them around the house in fairly easy places { no one wants an egg full of rotten food hiding in the house}

Jude helping

While helping hide eggs, I found Jude looking a lot like his sister...



I then let Isabelle out of her bedroom { I told her to stay in her room because I had a surprise lunch}

She had a blast!

We also did a few Easter egg crafts...

I drew up a quick egg

Then Isabelle glued lucky charms to it

Used the egg carton from lunch for some paints

Now we are dot painting the egg

We made some cute Easter bunny cookies...

We had a blast coloring eggs...

Jude's egg

Isabelle's egg

We also got lots of Easter love from our family back home. Both Mamaw and Papaw and GG and Pop Pop sent us packages. {sorry mamaw and papaw but it was opened when I wasnt home so there are no videos}

Bunny cookie from GG and Pop Pop

Jude, loving his turtle

Isabelle in her new outfit from Mamaw and Papaw 

Isabelle was soo excited for Easter morning that she didnt want to go to bed. She kept getting up and down out of her bed. This is a similarity from last year...

Easter 2011

Easter 2012...This clock is an hour behind

The very tired Easter bunny hid all the eggs and set out not one, but two Easter baskets { something new}

Isabelle's basket and goodies

Jude's first Easter basket 

Isabelle checked out her basket and then was sweet enough to show Jude all his goodies...

Isabelle 4 and Jude 3 months....Easter 2012

duna duna duna duna

Then Isabelle was ready to find all of her eggs...

We were once again invited to the Axtel family home this year and were happy to except the invitation. I made up a Baby Chick Cheeseball and we all got cleaned up and ready to go...

This is what Jude did while we primped

He had to claw his face of course

Isabelle 3,  Easter 2011

Isabelle 4, Easter 2012

We snapped a few pics outside before heading off to the Axtels. Here is a walk down Isabelle's Easter memory lane.

Isabelle, right, First Easter 2008

Easter 2009

Easter 2011

Easter 2012

Jude and Isabelle Easter 2012

We had a wonderful lunch at the Axtels and then headed outside for another egg hunt...

Here is another familiar scene...

Isabelle and Dylan 2011

Isabelle and Dylan 2012

This is what Jude was up to

An Eggcelent Easter!

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