Monday, April 16, 2012

Play Time...Indoors and Out

We have been having a lot of fun around the Sweet house lately. Some of this fun we have had right here in the house. With the hubby at school all day, it gets tricky for me to do to many things outside with both kids alone, but we have managed a little pool time. {I'm planning on braving the park for the first time this week}

Isabelle got a new giraffe because her alligator got a hole in it 

Jude playing at the pool

Isabelle had a blast with an indoor activity that we found on Pinterest.

What you will need
* Baking soda
* Vinegar
* Some kind of dropper; We used an old baby Advil medicine dropper
* A glass dish
* Food Coloring
* Several Small bowls

Fill your glass dish with baking soda...

Then, fill your small bowls with vinegar and food coloring...

Have your child draw up some of the colored liquid in the dropper and squeeze it out into the pan of baking soda and watch for the reaction...

Did you see that mom!?!?

This kept my Isabelle busy for a good 40 minutes and we mom's know that a quiet 40 minutes might as well be a lifetime, right?

While Isabelle was experimenting, Jude got his first go at hanging out in the highchair...

He likes it!

He also gave sunglasses a shot for the first time...

This he did not like 

Isabelle and I spent some time making a nice big fort in the middle of the living room...

We also spent some time snuggling in bed watching cartoons...

Isabelle and Jude both passed time playing with their toys...

Watching and playing with, My Little Ponies 

Jude is loving this toy

Of course, no play date is complete without a little photo shoot. We decided to use Mr. Jude as our subject...

Hi sissy

Happy boy

What have you been playing?

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Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

Oh my goodness! What a cutie patootie! Your kids are precious - looks like you all have a great time! Thanks again for stopping by my blog!! xoxo
~Reannah @Shaped by Grace