Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Last Leg

As you know, I have been in the process of moving Isabelle's bedroom to one room and all of her toys to another. Until now, she had most of her toys in her bedroom with some of the in the spare room, so I have been working on turning them into two different rooms totally. Isabelle was up early as usual and decided she wanted Spaghetti O's for breakfast. After trying to get her to eat something else for a while I figured there were much worse things she could be eating so I gave in and she enjoyed them while watching Aladdin on TV for the first time..

Isabelle was amazed that I knew the words to the song " Arabian Knights" in the beginning of the  movie and I used it to get some funny faces out of her..

I took advantage of this time by getting on the internet, drinking coffee, and chatting with my mom. Isabelle was bored with Aladdin quickly and decided to do some flash cards...and then load them up into her wagon..

I had my fun but then had to get serious and put the final touches on Isabelles toy room for the time being..

TV area

My great grandfather made this desk

Puzzle, book, and art area

All girls need to play dress up
Isabelle of course was playing around me the whole time I was working on this project

Isabelle and Mr. Bear
Since Isabelle had been spending a lot of time in the living room the past couple days  it had become a disaster zone, so I had to take care of that...but I made Isabelle help me :)

Isabelle did her share and then I had to take I time out for some very pressing business....

Snakey Snake who we got at the one of the zoos we went to lost his eye yesterday...It was MIA until I found it while vacuuming and had to halt all other chores and reattached said eye immediately. As you can see, Isabelle was very happy to have a healthy Snakey Snake back just in time for bed.  Sorry. I'm sure the last few days have been a real snore but it is what it is. As for me, I am settling in to watch the new episodes of my favorite Thursday shows ( after a long hiatus) with a beer in hand.ssssssiiiiiggggghhhhhhh. REEEELLLAAAXXXX :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Wow..I have been very busy the past few days! Luke has been busy as usual ( he is in his final push of the semester) and Isabelle is of course always busy busy. Tuesday morning I started off with a little catch up blogging. I finished it just in time to hear Isabelle yelling for help from the kitchen..

Someone was antsy for a snack and got herself trapped on the counter..

The rest of the afternoon and some of the evening was spent on 2 things...Thing number one...

I would post a picture of Isabelle and I doing this, but I would never be able to show my face in public again haha. This is a motion game where you do all the famous dance moves from Michael Jacksons songs and videos..very fun..very addicting...Thing number 2 was starting on moving all of Isabelle's toys into the larger bedroom and making the 3rd room for SLEEPING ONLY.

The toys only room in progress
This was quite an undertaking and I was not able to get it all finished last night but I was able to enjoy a nice bowl of my new favorite soup from Carrabas before settling in for the night..

I woke up this morning soo stiff and sore. Some I'm sure is from the moving around of rooms but I think it is mostly from dancing like MJ lol. Every single muscle in my body is sore somehow. Defiantly a great work out! 

I got myself motivated this morning with some liquid energy aka Dunkin Donuts Coffee in Cinnamon Spice, which I love love love!! Isabelle watched some cartoons and I watched some Army Wives, then it was time to go back to yesterdays task of switching out rooms. Luke came home with lunch and we all took a little break for a while. Luke then took Isabelle with him on a much needed trip to the store while I was able to finish my job in peace. Thanks hubs( I dont even know if he reads this haha).

The toy room is mostly complete. We are planning on painting Isabelle's bedroom soon and finishing it off with a "princess" theme so it will be fine the way it is until then. Unfortunately, I have the leftovers to deal with tomorrow...

and I will be sure to tell you all about it then :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Make up Monday

Well, we have had quite the weekend. Zoo on Friday, crazy busy on Saturday, and of course Easter Sunday! So, Monday is making up for all the chores left over from the fun :) I burnt my hand while cooking this weekend so Isabelle was kind enough to give me one of her band aides..Wolverine! 

Mondays Luke does not have class until 1230 so they are always one of our favorite days! Since we missed Sweet Family Pancake Sunday because of Easter, we made up for it today!

Mommy skips the pancakes for rye toast and bacon

Isabelle loooves bacon
Shortly after we got the messed cleaned up and watched the Price is Right, Luke had to head off to school and I had to get busy with my Monday house blessing, (I have been falling behind in my flying the past week shh), and that meant finding something to occupy Isabelle for a little while.

Isabelle spent all afternoon making bird houses out of play dough, then turned it into a dino cave, and who knows what else. I then got started on dinner for the night ( chicken and noodles, mashed pot, and cresent rolls) and folding all the pool towels!

Trying to come up with a cute option for holding all my beach towels right by the door..any ideas?
Dinner was awesome, if I do say so myself! I have a tendency to not make the best mashed potato's, but tonight they were perfect and that made for a very happy hubby! I then cleaned up the kitchen for the 3rd time today and it was time for bed for Isabelle and for us. I was very tired so skipped on the blog last night and did it today ( Tuesday morning) instead. See you all again tonight with all the dets on what the Sweets did today!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Happenings

Well, after such an adventurous day on Friday, we all slept in on Saturday ahhhh. This does not happen very often in our house so we were very thankful! Once we did get up, Isabelle wanted to play dress up and dance with daddy

She loves her heels
 All of a sudden there was a knock at the door and it was the mailman with another package for Isabelle! This time it was from Mamaw and Papaw.

Isabelle always loves to get mail and she was so excited about the contents of the package. She of course had to get right into the painting :)

I took this time to get myself cleaned up to head off for some last mintue Easter shopping and by some I mean all of it :) After several hours of shopping and waiting in line after line, I finally made it back home! I threw in a pizza and Isabelle enjoyed hers while watching The Wizard of Oz on TV!

After dinner, our friend Jodi joined us and we were in full on egg coloring mode!

It was by now, past Isabelles bedtime so we picked out some nice Easter stories to read before bed

Isabelle was off to bed but the Easter Bunny worked well into the night on several tasks, from filling eggs, hiding them, putting together a bike, making hairbow for next day, cleaning, etc...Wow, thanks Easter Bunny :)

That Easter Bunny is so funny

Works late too
We were able to get 3 or 4 hours sleep before Isabelle was up and ready to see if the Easter Bunny had made it to our house!

She had snuck into the living room and checked out the contents of her basket before we knew she was out of bed but she didnt notice all of the eggs or the huge mound under the blanket in the living room. I wonder what it is?

Isabelle has been a really good girl lately and instead of bringing a ton of candy the Easter Bunny thought she would bring her something Isabelle could really get some use out of...A new bike!! With helmet and pads of course :)

We were all still so tired ( this was at 6 a.m.) so we laid around for a while before getting dolled up to head over to The Axtel family's house for their Easter lunch and egg hunt.

Getting ready while enjoying a few jelly beans

My big girl

Never misses out on a road nap
We had such a nice time with The Axtels. Their family was so nice and we were happy to  have a surrogate family for the day. We miss all our family and friends everyday but Holidays are the hardest times. We love you guys! Happy Easter! Isabelle had a great time hunting eggs with the kids and playing with all of their toys!

The older kids were nice enough to hide 150 eggs for the little kids!

Isabelle and Dylan

Checking the loot

and sampling it
We packed up all the loot and headed back home. Isabelle relaxed and watched some cartoons for a little bit and then we had a quick dinner and headed outside to get in some bike time before we ran out of daylight.

Shes a natural

It was starting to rain, the first time in weeks ( sorry hoosiers), so we went inside to watch the storm on the lanai before putting Isabelle to bed. I think she is finally asleep in there and I am barely keeping my eyes open! It has been a crazy couple days and I loved every minute of it! LML