Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hey, Jude's 1! A Beatles Birthday Party

First let me say, I CAN NOT believe my tiny little baby boy is one already!!! I feel like it was literally yesterday that I was pinning ideas for a 1st birthday party for him while I was still pregnant and now it has all come and gone. If you would like to walk down memory lane and see the day Jude Lucas Sweet came into this world, then you can read about that here.

So, back to the birthday. Obviously, my son's name is Jude. Both my husband and I have been HUGE Beatles fans since we were kids and always loved the name Jude. When it was birthday party time, I couldn't think of a better theme for him than The Beatles. I was also operating under the assumption that at a later date in his life, he will not want a Beatles party and it is my job as a mother to push this party theme on him while he has no choice in the matter :)

Like I said, we have always been Beatles fans and most of this comes from my dad who would quiz me on, "What Beatles song is this?" Him being such a fan, he has acquired a large collection of Beatles memorabilia which he let me borrow for the party. So lets talk about that for a bit shall we?

As you can imagine, You cant just walk into a Party City and request a Beatles party pack, so there was a lot of internet scouring and hand making going on for this party. The First thing I did was visit my favorite place! If you haven't visited this site, I suggest you go there as soon as you are finished reading this. The site hosts people who sell handmade items. What you can find on there is endless.. clothes, jewelry, art, custom baby items etc. Its Awesome, Im done ranting now, anywho. I found an awesome shop called Sugar Tree Press who had a printable BEATLES birthday pack! I was so excited to find it that I grabbed it asap. {If you have been here recently you will remember my daughter Isabelle also just had her birthday. We had a Monster High theme which also was made by Sugar Tree Press.}

Here is the invitation for Jude's party and the inspiration for the color scheme.


I used many of the colors all together on the table with the covering, plates, placemats, and wrapped silverware. I used some of my dads Beatles figures and some records for some decoration.

Keeping in line with the theme, I used the internet and the computer to come up with a Beatles song themed menu.

Lucky for me, the Beatles released an album of number 1's, so I shrunk down the album cover and made picks for the Let it BLTs.
Record plate stand and printed Hey Jude lyrics



My cousin made an AMAZING cake and we set it up along with some more Beatles memorabilia and some stands I made out of records.

I made the cake stand, 3 tiered dessert stand, and the BLT plate stand all out of records. I started my hitting up my local Goodwill store where they sell records for 1 dollar a piece. I have done projects with records in the past and they cost me only 69 cents a piece, so I made sure I choose double disc sets :) I also found a 6 pack of plastic champagne glasses for 1 dollar so I nabbed those for the base of the stands. I flipped them over and hot glued a record on top and viola...record cake stand. For all the records used on stands and on tables, plus the glasses, I spent 6 dollars on it all.

Jude's smash cake

My dad's figurines

Some more of my dads collection

Using my printable birthday kit, I made Mr. Jude his own birthday boy corner, by hanging up some plastic and his birthday banner.

Someone switched around my letters...not very funny

Birthday Boy


Watching sissy open his gifts

Happy First Birthday Jude!!


Andrea said...

AWESOME Job Brandy!!! I LOVE it!!! Happy Birthday to Jude!

Wenni Donna said...

Brandy you did an amazing work on this Beatles Birthday Party. I'm helping plan a Disney themed birthday bash for my twin nephews and I too have got many colorful ideas for the d├ęcor. Now the ideas are collected but we haven’t booked any spot yet. Might book the garden themed rental spaces for parties.