Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cool Cats

This was a year of Halloween firsts for our family! Jude's first Halloween, our first shot at door to door Trick or Treating, and our first Halloween without daddy :( Minus that last one, we had a wonderful time.

Isabelle really wanted to be a leopard/cheetah cat so I decided Jude's costume should match. {yes, I'm one of THOSE moms}

Cheetah Girl and Tiger Boy

This was our first Halloween back our small town of Indiana so I was worried about the selection of costumes we would have to choose from. Luckily, Mamaw found Isabelle's mask, bow tie, and tail at WalMart and I found Jude's tiger costume there as well. We already had the cheetah dance leotard, tights, and shoes so I made the fluffy skirt and we were it business.

My Cheetah cat with her kitty pumpkins

We of course had to draw on kitty noses and whiskers which Jude was NOT a fan of...

Smeared Whiskers

Isabelle requested one bent whisker so it would look like she had been in a fight
A couple more pictures and it's Trick or Treat time.

Before we went door to door, we of course had to make the rounds of all our family and friends.

Getting out at our first stop, Aunt Tami's

Uncle Craig

Being greeted by Lily at Grandma Linda's

After we had mad our car visits, we walked around our neighborhood and down to the sheriffs department, which had a really nice set up for the kids and by then it was getting dark and very, very, cold so we headed home to check out the loot { I had a very funny convo with Isabelle about what "loot" means lol}

Needless to say, We had an Spooktacular Halloween :)

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