Thursday, December 27, 2012

Miss Mouse and Christmas Parade

Isabelle, Jude, Cousin Leighton

Every year at Christmas time, a local philanthropic sorority, Tri Kappa, hosts an event called Miss Mouse. Both my mother in law and sister in law are members and were participating in the event so I packed up my kiddos and my sweet little nephew and took them all last Saturday morning, but not before a quick photo shoot. Don't they clean up nice?

My Christmas Angels

Our first activity was writing letters to Santa.

After decorating their letters and depositing them into Santa's mailbox, we were off to decorate cookies.

Best friends, they are almost exactly one year apart

Leightons on left, Isabelles on the right

Since Jude is to small and wiggly for most activities, we dropped him off with Mamaw to listen to a story read by my, getting way to old to fast niece, Anna.{I remember when she was the one listening to the stories...sniff sniff}

Once they were finished decorating, they sat down to enjoy the fruits of the labor and listen to some more Christmas stories, this time read my mamaw herself.

Mamaw's ducks, sitting in a row

After snapping a group shot of the kids with Miss Mouse {I was busy making faces for smiles and didn't get my own shot :( } the kids were getting antsy and ready to go...mostly Jude

Door greeter
The next afternoon was the Christmas parade! I haven't been to the Washington Christmas parade in YEARS!! I was very excited to take the kids since there was a stretch of about 6-7 years where I was in the parade every year. Lucky for us, our house is only a couple blocks from main street and it was warm so we loaded up the stroller and walked downtown.

We ran into my sister in law and crew while we were there, so it was nice spending some time with them.


When is this thing going to start?

Here comes the parade...

Whats next?

Surprisingly, he loved all the sirens

Aunt Teresa..Keeping the kids out of the street haha


Isabelle was very excited to see the dogs from the animal shelter

Whats a parade without a band?

Me and my boy

another band

The Big Guy

Waving to Santa


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