Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas Kalidescope at The Galt House Hotel

December 6th is Isabelle's birthday. This year we had a party planned for several weeks after her birthday so that daddy could be there {he was in Florida and we are in Indiana} You can check out her birthday party here.  I wanted to do something special with her  on her actual birthday, so mamaw kept Jude and My mom, Isabelle and I packed a bag and headed to Louisville for the night.

We checked into the Galt House Hotel and then met up with our bestie Brecklyn. We decided to head downtown for some dinner.

The HUGE tree in the middle of 4th street

Isabelle, myself, my mom

Isabelle wanted to eat at the restaurant with the guitar on it AKA The Hard Rock Café.

Feeling a little tired....until that coke kicked in

Singing Christmas carols with Brecklyn

After dinner we went back to our hotel and Isabelle opened her gift from Brecklyn.

She got in her last years Christmas jammies, which are now so small, and we played some Hello Kitty bingo before settling in for the night.

We were up bright and early the next day. We grabbed some breakfast and then set off to explore the hotel and all of their amazing Christmas decorations.

The birthday girl

We worked our way over to the event we came for. Christmas Kaleidoscope.

Ready to head inside

The first portion of the event were several rooms FULL of beautiful silk luminaries.

We made a stop so Isabelle could write her name on the nice list.

Meeting the Snow Fox

His Elf took a group shot of us

and kept snapping

and snapping

Until I finally had to take the camera away haha

Next, we walked around the Christmas village where we met the Snow Fairy and Peppermint Express Train {which we waited in line for but then did not ride}

They had a large marker wall for the kids to draw on.

Her picture is the red person with big eyes, its the Snow Fairy

The Snow Foxes House

We went back out into the Christmas village where we wrote a letter to Santa.

Writing her letter to Santa

Sending it off to the North Pole

We exited into a nice gift shop where we got some hot chocolate, and ornament for our tree, and a little stuffed snow fox as a souvenir. She was even thoughtful enough to suggest getting one for her brother too. We checked out of our room and headed on to the next stop in our birthday adventure...Build A Bear.

She of course, picked the leopard

Isabelle and her new bff Lucy Leopard
There was a Justice nextdoor so we popped in and let the diva try on some flashy outfits before we headed to our 3rd and final stop of the day, Lotus Spa.

She got her nails done while I got a tour {from my friend Brecklyn who works there} and it was BEAUTIFUL.

We all had so much fun! Happy 5th Birthday baby girl!

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