Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Isabelle's Christmas Program

This has been Isabelle's first year in full on preschool. Some of you may know we had some problems with her wanting to go to school in the past { You can relive it here} but since she started her first day of WC preschool {which is all here} she hasn't had one problem. She LOVES school and cant wait to go everyday next year.

With starting school comes lots of firsts. Friends, field trips, class parties etc. One recent experience was her first school program. She practiced her songs for WEEKS allll over the house so I knew she was ready.

So happy she spotted us WAY up high

Everything seemed to be going well until there was a song where the teacher passed out bells to some of the children to shake. Isabelle was NOT one of these children and she was NOT happy.

She finally perked up towards the end and began to participate.

My camera kept dying on me so half of my photos were blurry and videos short but at the end I was just proud that my little girl was brave enough to stand there in front of all those people. :)

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