Sunday, September 25, 2011

Here and There

I, like all mothers I'm sure, get enjoyment out of buying things for my child. This can lead to some problems however, {like expecting something every time we go somewhere} so we have been working on this problem lately. From now on Isabelle will work for tickets...

Isabelle has small age appropriate chores that she is "supposed" to complete everyday.
1. Make her bed
2. Put dishes into sink after each meal
3. Put her dirty cloths into basket
4. Pick up toys at end of day

If she completes a chore, she gets a ticket, yay! She can also earn tickets by being patient and well behaved on trips out, helping mom with other chores {like sorting the recycling or laundry}, and doing big girl things on her own without being asked.

She also loses tickets,boo. If she does not take care of her "top 4 tasks" for the day, she loses a ticket. She can also lose them for inappropriate behavior, sassy talking, and mess making. So far this is working out really well! She loves earing tickets and is heartbroken when she loses one. Most of all she will be proud of herself when she finally earns enough tickets for a trip to the toy store...

Nick and Sally, Isabelle's new twin dogs
We have had quite a bit of rain again the past few days so we have been hanging around the house...

And working on chores..maybe...

Baby Jude is coming right along...

24 weeks

Isabelle got some more mail...

Mail from GG and Pop Pop

And remember that hippy hubby I told you about? Here is my proof...

Luke circa 2003
Love it

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Beth said...

So much to say about this post :-)

1) Love the idea with the tickets. I remember doing tickets in first grade and I only lost one ever and I was so sad. I loved buying stuff with my tickets on Fridays. I hope this works for Theo when he is older. Last night he cried in WalMart for candy the whole trip (we didn't give him any, but Pete had to take him to the car, sigh.) Isabelle is a well-behaved little girl though, I can tell.

2) Did I already tell you how much I LOVE the name Jude? Obviously we do, because it is T's middle name, but I just wanted to say it officially. How exciting. He will be here before you know it!

3) I totally remember Luke as a hippie. In fact, I still think of him as one. Pete's kind of back in his longish-hair phase, but I like to show people pics of him with dreadlocks because they never believe me.

Thanks for the updates and I hope you guys are doing well. I've been terrible at commenting, but I enjoy reading your posts!