Sunday, October 2, 2011

Getting outside

It has been soo hot lately that this prego momma just dosent feel up to facing the heat so we have been a little cooped up...

Indoor picnics

Taking care of baby

Hog tying Dora

Amateur photography

Tutu making

Helping bake

Apple cinnamon muffins
Babysitting the pledge stick
Saturday was a beautiful day and all though I wasnt feeling the greatest, we got ourselves together and then went to Denny's to eat and then had plans to go to the Playmobil store {Playmobil is a brand of toys and they have every play-set they sell set up at the store and the kids can play with EVERYTHING}

Rocking the napkin bib

Enough pictures mom
Dennys wasnt so nice to my belly so we had to hold off on Playmobil for another day but when we got home it was sooo nice out that we pulled out the outside toys and headed out back onto the golf course to play...

We played some baseball

Walked on the green to see the ducks

Raced up the hill

Hunting for items for her "collection"

We always have to stop at the water fountain for the coldest water in Florida

We found a butterfly

We chatted with our neighbor Anne for a bit and she gave us some freshly baked cookies {yumm} then headed back inside to get ready for bed...I wonder what we will get into today?

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