Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Having a little fun with pumpkin carving

Guest post written by Eloise Peterson
One of the things that I love about Halloween is all of the decorations that people try to do to their homes. It's so much fun. I know that most of it is cheesy, but I think that's only appropriate for the holiday. Halloween is definitely something that calls for some kitsch. So I love to get in a bit on that when I'm decorating too.
I thought that one of the easiest way to be a little cheesy is to carve some funny jack o lanterns. I thought that would be a good thing to do last weekend, so I looked online with my clear internet to find some ideas about what exactly I could do. I found all kinds of really cute and goofy ideas.
I decided to choose a goofy monster for my pumpkin carving. To me, the goofy ones are always the best kind of monsters. I've never been really into the scary part of Halloween, although I think that's what most people are into instead. For my home, I'll stick with the cute and goofy Halloween stuff.

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