Friday, November 18, 2011

Isabelle's American Girl Haircut

Isabelle has been in desperate need of a good haircut for months now. However, she refused to cut it saying, " I want my hair long like Repunzels!", so we have been letting it grow.

Luckily, the new American Girl doll magazine came in the mail the other day and Isabelle found a doll who she thought looked like her but had shorter hair. This of course meant Isabelle now wanted her hair cut. I jumped on this asap and Brecklyn whipped out her hair cutting gear and we turned our hallway into The Sweet Salon and Spa...


Back Before

Excited to start

Things were going well until she realized we werent cutting it as short as the American Girl doll she liked {she had a short bob}...

But I wanted SHORT hair

We talked her into liking the new cut and all was well...

Taking pictures of herself

Big girl :)


Mom said...

It is so much healthier looking now! cute : )

Andrea said...

Aw I love it!