Friday, March 2, 2012

Hanging Around

It feels like I haven't blogged in forever!! We have been pretty laid back around here lately. Luke has been super busy preparing for his mid-terms and since I have realized how tricky taking both kids places by myself can be, we have been spending a lot of time at home the past few weeks. We were able to get out a couple times though...

There is a really nice jogging trail that runs the intercoastal from the bridge to the flagler museum. It's a great place to burn of some energy with a nice walk or bike ride...

Speed demon

Jude enjoying the walk

This tree is at the end of the path next to the museum 

The Flagler museum 

We also made some time a couple weekends ago, to check out the Renascence fair...

Isabelle taking pictures of herself in the backseat on the way

The entrance

Jude, showing some skin

Luke and his friend Ville

Look! A mermaid! 

Pirate camp

Isabelle, very confused by all the weirdness 

Ville at the axe throw 

Checking out a knight fight from the best seat in the house

Yummy treats...the best part of any outing 

But, like I said, most of our fun has been had at home lately...

Naps with dad for Jude

Lot's of pool time...

Lot's of brother and sister play time...

Isabelle insisted Jude ride her horse

Reading a story to Jude

Isabelle made time for all her toy friends...

Isabelle's porcupine potato 

Nick, Sally, Porcupine Potato, Simba, and Nalla

I spent a little time putting together a shelf. I was super proud of my manly masterpiece until I took a step back and noticed something was off...

Thats right, i put the middle on backwards..smh

My little tiny baby is already 2 months old now..sniff sniff {a full 2 month old post will come later}

My little brown eyed boy

More pool time...This time I took both kids down by myself :) but not before I made them pose in their super cute swim wear...

Mr. Moo, ready for the pool

My babies

hanging by the pool

Isabelle and her friends

Little fish

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