Monday, April 23, 2012

Fun at The Our Kids World Expo

Yesterday we had some family time at the Kids World Expo at the South Florida Fairgrounds. This is the 3rd time we have been to this event!! It's crazy to think we have been here that long! I went back and checked out last years blog and saw how much Isabelle has grown since then and of course we have another member in our party. I was happy to snap some of the same pics as last year since I had a hard time getting a good one then.

Isabelle was very excited to meet a few of the Disney princesses and had to wear the perfect dress to have her picture with them...

Giving snow white a big hug!

So excited

Cinderella was next

Showing Belle how she twirls her dress...Belle then twirled with her :)

Isabelle and Belle

Up next we spied another favorite of Isabelles...

There's Strawberry Shortcake

She was so excited to see Strawberry Shortcake since she, of course, was her best friend Blueberry Muffin for Halloween this year!

We saw a few favorites from last year and got several goodies from all of the different booths...

She always loves these puppets 

Isabelle and Jude

Jude, taking it all in

Isabelle and I went into the petting zoo portion of the event, where she fed some baby goats, a baby pig, some larger goats, and what I believe is a lama?

Isabelle loved the baby goats

They were pretty cute!

Hi there guy

Let's take turns guys!

Having so much fun

Mom, nervous

Isabelle, loving it!

After we had signed up for ever sort of give away, checked out all the attractions, we were all hungry. Not a fan of the food there, we decided to head out and stop at Denny's on the way home. Luke has been studying all week and is back at it again but it was nice to have a little time for some Sweet family fun!

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Andrea said...

Some of those princesses looked alittle rough lol.. But that is such a neat thing. I wish we had something like that here... I think Jude changes in every picture.. He's sooo cute!