Monday, April 23, 2012

What We Have Been Eating 4

Lately, I have been trying my best to remix leftovers into something slightly different. We have a bit of a problem around here with picky eaters. Isabelle is getting much, much better but the hubs is not an eater. I love to cook so this leaves us with an ever occurring problem. Lots and lots of leftovers. I have a hard time eating the same thing over and over, days at a time so unfortunately a lot gets thrown out. Being a child from a "clean your plate there are starving kids in Africa" family, it KILLS me to waste food. So..I have been doing my best and here are some of the results...
Left over steak becomes a steak nacho lunch

Left over mac and cheese with a little ham becomes Ham and Cheese Cups for Isabelle's lunch...

Line muffin tin with 2 slices of ham

Isabelle adding the mac and cheese

Bake at 350 for about 20  minutes

In case you missed it, I made jalapeno chicken  on the grill and then used the leftovers to make some quick wraps..

Jalapeno chicken take one

Jalapeno chicken take 2
I used the chicken a 3rd time in some more nachos! We had some yummy sliders on the grill, but forgot the picture and ate them all..No leftovers there :) Then of course there is everything else...

Fresh baked blueberry muffins, my fav

I was a bad girl that day

Purple flower and butterfly pancakes

Regular pancakes

Sprinkle pancakes....maybe we are eating too many pancakes?

Egg whites, rye toast, granny smith apple

Isabelle's maple brown sugar oatmeal

We had a little fun with spaghetti and hot dogs. Another fun find courtesy of Pinterest...

A good way to sneak in the good pasta

Isabelle LOVED this and had fun helping make it

I talk a lot about what Isabelle eats, but there is a new eater in the house. Mr. Jude drinks a lot of these bad boys...

He is also taking a stab at holding it all by himself...

And he had rice cereal for the first time. Before I know it I will be getting to try making baby food {please share anything you may know about this particular project}

Sometimes I get hungry and jump the gun, eating before I can take a pic so here is a little something I am calling...Aftermath...

A demolished baked potato  

Steak from t he grill

Carrabas inspired olive oil and herbs

So that's it, for the most part. Please share..What have you been eating?

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