Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jude, 9 months

I have already filled you in on what Isabelle has been up to, so here is what our baby boy Jude has been doing!

Swinging out in the yard with sissy

Jude has learned a lot since we have spoken last! He is sitting up, crawling, pulling up, traveling, and has developed a love for tv..

Captivated my Elmo

Let's get a little closer

Trying to kiss Elmo

In yet another tv trance, the show??

Dr. Oz!!

Hi Dr. Oz!

Besides tv, Jude also loves music. He will crawl towards any music he hears, loves musical toys, and has a blast banging his drum...

He is always making funny faces...

Innocent angel face

Always drooling, working on my one tooth


Crawling around Miss Molly's classroom

Sideways tongue

Looking like his cousin LP

Speaking of cousins, Jude got to meet his cousin, and future best friend Charlie! 

They had an awesome time grabbing, babbling, and looking at each other..

Jude has also earned a new nickname...Houdini. Since he has started crawling, he is EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING. He even works his way through my many make shift barriers..

Helping himself to some chips


Hi mom

I made it

Since big sister has started school, Jude has had to adjust to her schedule. This means pushing nap time until after lunch which makes for a sleepy boy...

He just couldn't make it

Poor  boy

But he is always happy, tired or not..

Jude Lucas, 9 months

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