Friday, October 5, 2012

Living in the Stone Age

Hello blogger world! It has been far to long! I haven't posted since August, but I swear I have a good excuse. I am living in the stone age. We packed up the family and headed to Indiana for 8 weeks. 6 of those weeks have now past and I am finally getting to posting some blogs via the wifi signal that I am currently "stealing" from my neighbor { Mrs. Stallman, if you are reading this somehow, sorry and thank you} We are staying in a house that is owned my my in laws and used to be a daycare. We have no cable or internet and due to my lack of forward thinking, I have no phone either :( My cell phone uses prepaid cards for a service they don't have in Indiana ie I cant add any minutes to my phone which leaves me totally cut off from the outside world. So, while I have the chance, I will fill you in on what we have been getting into since we have been here in Indiana.  

We have had a great time having an ENTIRE house to ourselves. We love our condo in Florida, but it is getting smaller by the minute. Besides more room to breathe, we also have the backyard to ourselves. As sad as this sounds, Isabelle has never had a chance to just "go out and play" on her own in her life. Not anymore!!

Isabelle's first time playing outside without me

Planting carrots 

Even though we are staying right in the middle of town, we have found lots of local wildlife in the backyard. One of Isabelle's favorite animal guests was a neighborhood cat she named Bacon Scraps...

Now you get the name?

Even Jude loves hanging in the backyard. He swings and looks at the trees and watches sissy run around...

We have gotten to have lots of get togethers, dinners, and parties with family and friends. We celebrated my dad and his twin sisters 50th birthday was an awesome Beer Tasting Theme that I will share all the details of later and got together with the Myers clan for Grandpa Allens birthday at The Moose...

Having a blast dancing with her cousins

All the grandkids (minus K and Jude who was sleeping)

Dancing with cousin R

Duck duck goose anyone?

Isabelle and her fav cuz

Besides being in Washington, we have made several trips to Indianapolis CHILD FREE..whoo hoo... We got to go to a couple Colts games with the Hubs fam and then went back up for a wedding on my side of the family...

Go Colts!
Shout out to my mom and dad who celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in September!!

Crazy Kids

My mother and I

There have been sooo many other things..Isabelle started school, Jude is 9 months, home repairs, and on and on. I will try to get some detailed posts about these things very soon...Since I'm an internet thief now and all :)

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