Monday, October 8, 2012

Isabelle the School Girl

Back in January we thought Isabelle might benefit from going to preschool. If you have been around a while, you know that did not go so well! If you are new to us then THIS will fill you in.

When we got to Indiana, we decided we were going to give Pre-K another chance at the Catholic school here in town. Its much smaller and she knew a few kids there so we thought it might work out...and we were RIGHT!!!! Yay!!!!

This is her "Diva" pose

She had a blast picking out her first day of school outfit and was ready and waiting by the door well before it was time to leave.

Her horse rider look

Ready to go

It was finally time to go and we were all excited and nervous. Luckily, our new place is a block away from the school so we got to walk!

Walking to school

The big moment

We had gone to the school's open house the previous Friday, so Isabelle new just where to go. She marched into the classroom like an old pro and went straight to find her locker.

Ms. Jane taking her first day picture

  When it was time for us to leave she had a bit of a meltdown, but with a trip to the bathroom, a stern pep talk, and maybe a bribe of after school ice cream, she wiped her tears and headed back into the classroom ready to rock! The three hours drug by until it was time to pick her up. She walked out of those school doors beaming from ear to ear and I knew this was going to work!

Since starting, she has learned lot's of new things and has gotten to participate in so many new experiences. Each week introduces the kids to a new letter. On A week she got to bake her own apple pies, on B week she got to practice blowing bubble gum bubbles with her friends and had a local baker come in to teach them how to make donuts, and on C week she got to tour the church and dress up for Cowboy Day {or cowperson day as we like to call it}

My lil Cowgirl

Isabelle also was super pumped when she found out she could sign up for the Washington High School Cheerleading clinic. As a former cheerleader myself, it was so unreal to see my child participating in something I did as a little girl and in a clinic I taught when I was in high school.

Perfect cheerleader pose

Standing patiently just like the big girls

She is in the front row in the very center!


Doing her own thing lol

Needless to say, we are ALL loving school these days :)

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Beth said...

Cowperson, lol. We say stuff like that too. She is a doll! I am glad she likes pre-k so much this time around.