Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Very LOVE-ly Valentines Day

So, I am only 6 days past Valentines Day. This is an improvement over the month that passed before I posted about Christmas, but still I need to get with the program and try to make a little more time for blogging and keeping things current. Until then, here is to the past...

Valentines Day...We tried to keep busy to avoid the fact that our main man daddy..and head Valentine..was not with us. We got to work the night before and enlisted the help of my nephew in decorating up some cookies.

Of course after about 2 cookies each, they were playing pirates with spatulas and I was left to decorate the rest..

After the sugar rush and bedtime, I got to work on Isabelle's Valentines for her class party. I found a cute printable on this blog that I cut out and attached to some packs of candy.

I snuck one cookie and called it a night..

The next morning I got the best Valentines gift a mother could ask for! My children slept in!!! Yaaaaay! This has happened to me maybe 1 other time EVER in my mom lifetime..

Valentine #1 after waking up to her goodies

Still having some sleepy eye going

 While the kids ate breakfast and watched some cartoons, I whipped up a little snack for Isabelle's class party.

Sweet Valentines Party Mix

**What you will need**

Chex, rice and corn
mm candies
mini marshmallows
white candy coating

In a large bowl, combine the chex, popcorn, and pretzels. Melt down white candy coating and drizzle over mixture. Turn to coat. Add in chocolate candies, marshmallows, and sprinkles and turn to coat again. Let set for 20-30 minutes and then break apart into serving dish or snack bags.

Isabelle was ready to get crafty herself and got working on some love chains for decorating.

Working hard

It was a BEAUTIFUL day out so we decided to take a little drive out to Glendale lake for some fresh air and a reminder of what life outdoors can be like.

My #2 Valentine, Prince Charming

Showing off his teeth

Walking down to the lake

It was wiinnndddyy

Prince not so Charming

At least someone was enjoying it

Looking for fish at the hatchery

We were all frozen solid so decided, how much colder could we get? Why not ice cream?

That night, my mother in law had a sitter come to the house and keep the grand kids, while we adults all went out to dinner to celebrate my El cunado aka brother in laws birthday.

Nana Anna and Papaw Alan came along. Such a wonderful example of Love on Valentines Day.

We had a great time laughing and chatting kids free. Well, except for one special kid..

Baby Brielle, our newest and smallest Valentine..

There's a lot of love in our family. On Valentines Day and everyday <3 font="">

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