Saturday, February 2, 2013

After the Storm

If you have noticed, I have been playing blogger catch up lately. I have written about Isabelle's Christmas Program, Our Galt House trip, Jude's 1st birthday, and Isabelle's 5th birthday. I still have both Christmas and our trip to Disney World {which will take several posts} to catch up on, so I thought I would do a brief post about what has been happening since the storm that is holidays, birthdays,vacations, etc.

Since the calm, Isabelle had her first sleep over! She invited her cousin Leighton over and they had a blast playing, watching movies, and of course staying up LATE.

Watching a movie

We had some free time to enjoy laid back activities like fort building and pretzel making.

Rolling out her pretzel dough

We inlisted a babysitter one night and headed to Evansville with my husbands family for dinner and a hockey game before he had to return to Florida yesterday.

The whole gang

Jude has had lots of time for learning and growing. He has been clapping, patty caking, playing with the tablet, feeding himself lots of new things, and growing new teeth!

Showing off his new teeth!

And of course we have all been trying to get a little more sleep...well at least some of us are :)

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