Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hostage in Our Own Home

Since we have returned from our trip to Kentucky last weekend {I will fill you in on that later} it has been FREEZING and yucky all the time. I have pretty much only left the house once in TWO weeks, other than taking and picking up Isabelle from school {which I can see from my house so 5 minutes a day?} We are ready for warmth and sunshine and blues skies and ice cream and cook outs and pool parties and play dates and vacations and Do I need to keep torturing us all?? You get the picture...we are ready to be OUTSIDE of this house!!!

While trapped inside, we have been finding different ways to amuse ourselves.

Isabelle, as always, has been the most creative. She spent an afternoon saving wild animals by pulling them to the safety of her "treehouse".

We made plates of "food" for her friends and she treated them all at her new restaurant..there may have been a line out the door.

Jude was supposed to be the chef, but he is easily distracted.

What have I been doing all this time? Well, I have been putting in some serious sweat equity on the house {read about that here}, attacking the always overwhelming pile of laundry, doing my taxes, and coming up with every possible combination of chicken and tortilla you can imagine {again, I will share those later too} to avoid actually leaving the house to get more groceries.

Come on Spring...I would like to leave the house again before my kids go off to college :/

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