Friday, September 6, 2013

Easter 2013

This is the first Easter in several years that we were in Indiana, however this meant no daddy :( You can see our previous Easters here { Easter 2012, Easter 2011 }

We had fun making Easter snacks and coloring eggs..

We got all the cousins together at the Myers compound for and Easter egg hunt and baskets from mamaw and papaw...

They also went to the paper office and had their picture taken with a real bunny {of course I don't have one of those pics}

Saturday night, the Easter bunny came! He made sure to take a picture of the clock as usual, but came a little earlier this year {yay}...

He left eggs all over the inside of the house, since it was raining, and filled the kids baskets...I think he was going with a swimming theme this year ;)











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