Friday, September 6, 2013

Heads Up

It has been so long since I updated our family blog  that I should be banned for bad behavior. Tsk tsk. I originally started this blog so that our family and friends could keep up with our lives while we were living off in Florida, but over the years I started to cherish that I had all of my children's little lives documented for them to see someday and for me to look back on {often with tears in my eyes} and see what a beautiful life we have made. This past year has been a huge transition for our family and I was left with lots of things to do and little time to write about it all. I find myself looking back now, to one of my last posts and it was at CHRISTMAS time! Hello, it will be here AGAIN in 3 months and I have yet to write about anything that has happened since that point. Believe me, I have PLENTY to write about, but just didn't have a chance to upload all the pictures, write the witty commentary {if I do say so myself}, etc, etc. So, all of that being said, something has changed recently in my life that has afforded me the luxury of hours of free time... No, I didn't leave my husband and family and move to Costa Rica to sell fruity cocktails on the beach for a living. {Can you tell I've given that thought?}... My first born baby girl, my Isabelle Claire, has started KINDERGARTEN! It's true. She is off with her friends, at school, as I type, probably learning things, having fun, you know, without me, sniff sniff. I still have my Jude dude at home who does keep me busy, but Isabelle was my ding-donger. You know, the kid that ding dongs you all day. Mom what's this? Mom where's this? Can I have this? Do that? Go here? Play with me? Read to me? Dance with me? Uh oh, I spilt a whole gallon of milk in the floor! Since she is now off bugging Ms. Molly, I have been able to get a TON done around the house in the past 2 weeks and now it's time to give some love and attention to my 3rd child, my blog!

All this blabbing and I still haven't explained the "Heads Up" title. I post that as a warning. I am not only going to try to dedicate more time to blogging about our family life here and our home projects at, but I am going to back track through the past year and do my best to fill in all the important blanks..Our Disney trip, Easter, Summer time, First day of school, etc. So, please don't get annoyed with me and unsubscribe. I will try to do the catching up as fast as possible and thanks for taking a look at our Sweet life :)

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