Thursday, September 26, 2013

Walt Disney World Here We Come!

In January we went on the greatest trip of my life! Looking at all these pictures makes me want to go right now...but without my that horrible? Oh well...someday..right? Until then I will just have to live vicariously through our past trip!

My in-laws are the greatest! They took their first born grand daughter on a trip to Disney when she was 6 and from the time Isabelle knew what Disney was, her papaw was hyping her with stories about how someday it would be her turn! That day came a lot sooner than we had imagined and before we knew it we were all (Jude too) in the RV and heading to Orlando to see the one and only Disney World!! Isabelle was predictably excited, but since this was also MY first time to go to Disney, it was hard to tell who was acting like the bigger kid.{It as me he, he} We spent 2 days in the RV and had a lot of fun talking, reading, watching videos, wrangling the kids, and telling stories.


When we finally reached Orlando, we pulled into our campsite at the Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort.

It was a great campground with TONS to do. I would love to go back and JUST camp there. When we arrived the first night, it was already approaching dark and it had been a long ride. We walked around the resort a little, had some dinner, and tried to settle in for the night. Isabelle, having seen Disney on TV, was convinced the whole thing was fake! She didn't understand where the castle was and why we couldn't see it if we Disney. She claimed everything was cardboard and went inside the RV for the night, to watch Pinocchio and hoped the real Disney would show up tomorrow.

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