Thursday, August 16, 2012

Museum of Science and Discovery

Several weeks ago, We hit the 3rd stop on our Super Savings Fun Pass. We have already been to The Miami Seaquarium and Lion Country Safari. This trip, We decided to check out the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Science and Discovery. 

Outside the entrance to the museum, they have a huge gravity clock...

My husband was totally into checking this thing out {for well over 15 minutes} and the kids and I checked out the surrounding area...

Jude's first time riding in the front of the stroller without his carseat!

Isabelle, basking in the sun by the fountain

We finally forced daddy inside and were set to explore...

So happy to be seeing things for a change!

The first section we entered into was an aquarium type area with shells and the ecoscapes of Florida...

Listening for the ocean


Jude, looking at the fish

Ahhhh, snake on the loose

Daddy showing Isabelle the horse shoe crabs

The next area was a discovery center for children under 7. It has tons of hands on activities, water play, computers, and more...

Isabelle and 2 other red heads!

Climbing tower

She made it 2 more leaves before getting scared and coming down

Such a cool area

It started to get a little crowded in there so we scattled off to the next area, the Go Green Exhibit...

Playing a game that involves sorting recycling {this is already one of Isbelle's jobs a home so she knew just what to do!

A rare picture of the elusive mommy lol

Hubby, generating electricity 

Some of the next exhibits involved weather we are likely to encounter in Florida, like hurricanes!!

Wind simulator

Isabelle making smoke rings

They probably did this for 10 minutes lol

Isabelle the news women

Uh oh, rain in the forecast 

Watch out dad!

Me, making a crazy face at all the hail

Press a planet and this will turn into it and tell you the name

Hurricane simulator

After all that wind, we were ready for some digging...

Airboat ride {which we didnt do because we had the stroller}

Ahhhhh, Shark attack 

Jude about to get squashed 
On no!!!!

Live snake sighting number 2

Checking out the otters

Down the slide

Jude, relaxing in the under the sea simulator 

We were having a great time and are ready to go upstairs!! Isabelle insisted we walk, so she and I took the stairs while Daddy and Jude caught the elevator.

View from half way up the stairs

Testing her strength with weights

Spinning like a cyclone

Making the robot dance

One of her favorite things, wave a stick and the kaleidoscope begins.

Next, we went into the space and aviation side...

Isabelle inside the cock pit

Shooting a pressurized ball through the tube back and forth

There was also an entire section about Health and medical sciences...

Testing her strength 

That's right, Mom got superhero 

This was cool

How many kids did I bring?

The next area was part of the traveling exhibits...

Isabelle's favorite 

We had a GREAT time. This has been by far the best of the 3 places we have been. Next on our list, The Miami Meto Zoo!

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