Friday, July 6, 2012

Miami Seaquarium

A couple of weeks ago we took the kids to Lion Country Safari. For a few dollars more than the regular priced admission, we were able to get a Summer Savings Pass, which gives us entrance to Lion Country Safari, The Miami Metro Zoo, The Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Science and Discovery, and The Miami Seaquarium for the ENTIRE summer as many times as you want. So, this past weekend we took advantage of our passes and checked out the Miami Seaquarium.

We started out the day checking out the tanks inside and watching the dolphins swim before their show.

Looking for the dolphins

Baby dolphin

The baby, playing

Next we went to check out the Flipper Dolphin show

Checking things out, waiting for the show

Daddy and Jude

While we were looking at the dolphins before the show, one of the trainers come up and started talking to us.

Talking to the trainer

She asked Isabelle lots of questions and asked her if she would like to meet Flipper during the show!! We were all so excited! What an opportunity! However, Miss Isabelle is very shy in crowds and around people she doesn't told the trainer she DID NOT want to do it. So, they picked another girl and we sat down to watch the show.

Most of these dolphins are children of the famous Flipper

It was filmed here

The little girl that could have been Isabelle

The little girl got to shake Flippers fin, get him to twirl like a ballerina, and even fed him a couple fish {I'm seeing some regret in her future}

We were in the very first row which we thought would get us splashed so we could cool off. That didn't work out. We ended up just being hotter because we weren't under the awning and we didn't get splashed so we left halfway through because the kids were sweaty messes. Isabelle spotted a squirty seal and we all cooled off...

Off to see some other things


They had moss growing on them

Some cute seals

Isabelle loved the baby

It was really, really, hot so we went to the splash area before heading home..

The park is on an island and when you are in certain areas you can see the water...

To be honest, I was not all that impressed with this place. Their entrance fee was 39.95 {which we didn't have to pay} and is way to much for what you get. There are several food and gift shops but little else. There are lots of shows, but their actual "aquarium" was very sub standard. We had a fun day out together as a family and that is all that matters!

  1. Lion Country Safari
  2. Miami Seaquarium
  3. Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Science and Discovery
  4. Miami Metro Zoo
More Sweet adventures to come!!

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