Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Bro

So, today is my baby brothers birthday! He is by no means a baby at 22 but he is still my baby bro. I wish I was home celebrating with the family tonight but I cant so I threw myself into house blessing Monday and other random projects..

Luke was gone to school before the sun came up so Iz and I were on our own this morning. Isabelle lazed around watching cartoons and I got in some computer time. Isabelle requested bacon for breakfast so I went ahead and threw in some eggs, hash browns, and toast. After breakfast Iz was off to play. I off into another room when I heard a ruckus...

I came into the living room to find Diego hog tied to the console table with a band aide over his mother. I asked her what he did and she told me he was messing up her room. We then got ready to head to Target (Isabelles favorite place) for some groceries and other essential what nots..

I know a lot of people going gluten free these about some cocoa pebbles!

Got this lamp shade for a lonely lamp for a whopping 4.99!

Isabelle was in quite the mood today so we didnt do much after the Target trip. Dinner, hide and seek, bedtime. We will get funner soon, I promise :)

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