Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ho Hum Weekend

The Sweets haven't been incredibly exciting this weekend but for those who may want to hear out our boring weekend, its coming right up :)

It was business as usual around here on Friday morning and afternoon. Luke was off to school for a test, after studying all week, and Isabelle and I did our usual routine. This means chores for me and making messes and playing for Isabelle. Luke was able to take the afternoon off after all his studying to take us girls to lunch..

Isabelles blue drink

She took a sip and told the waitress that is tasted like sun screen..I tasted it..and agreed

Made Isabelle a new headband 
After lunch we went on a nice drive down the beach which meant Isabelle got a nice nap :) After she had rested a while we headed to Home Depot to look at some things. Now that we have the rooms switched around( I have talked about our room transition in past blogs) Isabelle wants her new room to be a princess room (It just so happens Isabelle's friend Briana has a princess room and after Isabelle went on and on about loving it her mommy offered all the princess decor to us once they redo her room in a couple weeks..yay) So, we were off in search of just the right pink and maybe a border for her new room..

Since this pic I have changed pinks

We got home and realized Isabelle has 2 switches on her light so we will have to take that back. It was getting close to bedtime by now so Isabelle and daddy closed the night down with a teddy bear fight followed up by a circus she set up in the living room.

Luke got right back to work on his studies Saturday morning and Isabelle and I hung out. It was pizza for lunch and Isabelle wanted to make sure Dora and Diego go there own piece..

This girl loooves pizza
Isabelle took a nice nap while I worked around the was taco salad for dinner and Isabelle was ready to help out..

Sunday morning brought the usual pancake Sunday but in an unusual way. Luke was again, studying, so he had his in bed and Isabelle was working hard on "fixing" some things out on the lanai that she asked for hers out there..

We are preparing to head back to Indiana in a few weeks and with the bedroom project ahead, I have been working on all the cleaning projects I need to do before leaving the condo for the summer. Today rolled back the rug and swept and moped under them along with the always fun recycling! Isabelle loooves to help with this part..

We were lucky enough to catch the fireworks going off downtown for Sunfest from our kitchen window before we all headed to bed to get ready for the crazy week ahead!

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