Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rainy Day Thursday

Well, all of that rain that was hitting the mid-west finally made its way to our little piece of paradise today. I really do love a nice rainy day, I like to sit out on the lanai with my coffee listen to the rain, Isabelle on the other hand gets stuck in the house all day which can be a bit like caging a wild animal.

Isabelle spent most of the morning playing quietly and then got into some episodes of The Backyardigans while enjoying some popcorn.

Today was Luke's last day of school for the year!! yaaaaaaayyyyy. Since he has spent so much time studying lately, Isabelle had all kinds of playing activities lined out for him. They played ponys, tag, pretending to be back packs, and several other things including a lesson on the sun, moon, and planets..

We hoped the rain would stop long enough to get outside to play a bit...but it didnt so Isabelle had to settle for splashing in puddles on the lanai..

Later in the evening our friend Jodi came by and Isabelle whipped up a quick tea party for us ( I had to beg to be involved..she at first told me I couldnt come because I was a mommy)

Isabelle wanted Jodi to spend the night so she was nice enough to make them a  both a pallet ( once again I was not allowed to sleep on the pallet because I am the mom)

Now, Isabelle is in bed and Luke is out on the town with his friends celebrating the end of the semester and I have the house to myself! I don't even know if this has happed to me before but I am going to enjoy it!!

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