Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tea Party and Pool Time

Isabelle started the day off with big plans for a picnic. She loaded all her dishes and food up into a cooler and spread a nice blanket out for us.

Wow what a spread

Isabelle took this one..those are her baby Joey's legs

After I had my fill of plastic hot dogs and donuts, Isabelle decided she was going to pretend to share her picnic with the Firefighters! She told me that they are always eating unhealthy food and they need healthy food for the Firehouse dogs so they can use them to sniff out people when there is a fire! Man she is smart:) 

I went about my business, doing some chores and having some computer time when I heard Isabelle singing in the living room..

Soon it was time for a REAL lunch..BLT's

Luke came home from another test this afternoon and decided to take a litle break. We let Isabelle decide if she wanted to go to the park or down to the pool. She of course picked the pool so we were off..


She was playing " free the wild fish" with the pool man Gary
Dinner time was fast approaching so we headed back to the house. I threw in one of those new pizzas that come with bread sticks or wings..so cool

Isabelle was hanging out and enjoying a banana laffy taffy while waiting..

However, I ended up eating dinner alone because someone was too tired from swimming to make it..

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