Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mid Week Special

I am so happy that the middle of the week is finally here! Some of my favorite shows are on Wednesday night, tomorrow is Luke's last day of class for the year, and it only gets better ever day after!

Isabelle was kind enough to relax in her bedroom and let me sleep until 9..whoo hoo. She made me repay her by playing Dr. Barbies before I had even made coffee.

Next, Isabelle wanted to paint a picture of a dragon for her daddy. I finally got to enjoy my coffee.

I got into organizing some of the art supplies so that meant Isabelle had to test everything out. So she painted, made daddy a king crown (she always makes things for him), colored and put together a puzzle, and even got some play dough going!

We had some lunch and a little dress up time..

Luke came home after yet another test and we decided to get out of the house for a little while and go on a drive...

So cool...always has to have her shades on like momma

peanut island
McArthur Park
We got home and checked the mail and found a package! Now lately Isabelle has been getting a lot of mail, but this one was for me :)

My mommy sent me this shirt and earrings for mothers day! Thank you mom! Aren't I supposed to be the one buying you something? Love ya!

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Beth said...

I would have loved that Dr. Barbie when I was young! Maybe I can convince Theo to play with one. That is exciting about Luke having completed another semester. Hope you get some family time. Your sightseeing pictures are beautiful! Happy Mothers' Day!