Friday, October 28, 2011

Barbie Bonanza

Isabelle was a lucky gal once again when the FedEx man came with yet another package for her. This time it was from Aunt Suzan...

And what did we find in this package??

BARBIES!!!!!!!!! Lots and lots of Barbies...

Beautiful Barbies at that!

The Queen

The Ballerina 

The one on the right Isabelle has named "the dog walker"

Snow Princess

A red head and magic fairy 

We call her Audrey Hepburn

Christmas Barbie

Flower surprise Barbie

Let go to bed Barbie

Brecklyn dubbed this one...Botox Barbie
 And of course no Barbie is complete without a huge box of clothes and accessories...

Thank you Aunt Suzan :)

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