Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finally Fall in Florida

Yesterday we spent all day doing chores around the house. Isabelle of course had to sport her "dog walker" outfit...

We got down to business. We shampooed the rug, the couch, and washed all the throws and cushion covers on the furniture. It was a long long day and we were wiped out by the end of it...

We woke up this morning with good intentions of cleaning the other carpets in the house but were met with an awesome surprise...70 degree weather!!! We threw open all the doors while we drank our coffee and had breakfast and quickly made the decision that this day was just to beautiful to waste on chores...So, we headed out to the zoo...

The tiger had cubs!


Brecklyn, giving the peacock a hard time

Isabelle's favorite turtle

Animal attack

Running over guests

Stopping off for a snack

Living the life

Isabelle was ready to leave the stinky bears

Mom, lets go

This is how they feed the raccoon's 

Isabelle and the panther

Just a couple of birds

We had an amazing day..and thanks to our yearly pass, will be back again soon :)

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