Saturday, February 4, 2012

New School...Mommy School

As you know, we tried preschool for Isabelle last week {Isabelle's First and Last Day of School} and it didn't work out for us. With that on my mind, I have been thinking of ways we could learn at home. I have tried to teach her things already. Here are some of the things we like to work on.

Art...We love to paint, color, cut, paste, and sticker allll kinds of things...

A picture she colored me for my birthday

Working on a Halloween project

Doing some free hand drawing 

Painting rocks

Painting fun with cookie cutters 

Finger painting 

Making a puppet show theater 

Working at her easel 

Cooking... Isabelle loves to help me cook and this gives us plenty of opportunities to talk about healthy foods, colors, shapes, measuring, counting, and of course kitchen safety...

Stiring up some muffin batter
Making a peanut butter and jelly

Rolling out cookie dough

Making her own pizza

Cutting up some lettuce for salad

Icing Halloween cookies

 Projects... We like to do things like putting together crafts, making play dough, making crayons, growing plants etc...


Field Trips... We like to try to find opportunities for learning during our family outings and trips...

Digging for Dinosaur bones at the Miami Metro Zoo

Learning about mining at a cave in Indiana 

Finding shells at the beach
Checking out local art at a Palm Beach courtyard

Learning about fish

Making friends with animals at a petting zoo

Learning how to milk a cow at the South Florida Fair

Learning that bears stink while at the zoo

Imaginative play...Isabelle learns a lot of things by playing with her many toys...

Loves Dinosaurs 

Setting up her animals for a show

making forts

Tea party with Mr. bear

Playing with daddy

She loves to play games

Dressing up and pretending

Responsibility....she has been learning how to help with chores, take care of her baby brother, do things for herself, and pick up after herself...

Cleaning the windows

Brushing her own teeth

Sorting the recycling 

Helping to dress her baby brother

Feeding Jude

Gotta brush those teeth

Giving Jude his pacy

Reading, writing, colors, and numbers...Isabelle likes to work on making letters in her various workbooks, have books read to her, play matching games, and even try out some computer activities...

Reading a book

flash cards

working on letters

Daddy, reading a book

Playing with her TAG reader

Playing a computer game

Outdoor Play...We try to get outside as much as possible and like to play with outdoor toys, swim, take walks, ride bikes etc...

Riding her bike
Lots of swimming

Playing at the park

running at the beach

Taking a walk on the golf course

Playing soccer

Getting a lesson on butterflies


Taking a walk with dad

More swimming

Out on her 3 wheeler

Climbing at the park

Cruising on her bike

 She has learned so much from all this, but I would like for her to have a few more things to do that are closer in line with a real school. So, after combing my new best friend pinterest, I came across the website Oopsy Daisey. The blog features printable themed lesson plan packets that have a letter, number, and color of the week that correspond to that weeks theme. There are activities, songs, games, snacks, and worksheets provided that you can use to fill your week with things from that theme. So, I downloaded a few and we are going to give them a try. I will then report back our progress each week on what I am calling, Mommy School Saturday. Starting Monday we will take on Z is for Zoo. Stay tuned or check out the website if you would like to follow along and share your journey with your little one.

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