Friday, February 24, 2012

Valentines Week

This past week was Valentines Week! I had to wait a while to post this since there are projects in it that we had to wait until the grandparents received them in the mail before we ruined the surprise on here!

Letter of the week: V
Number of the week: 4
Shape or the week: Heart

This week we did several activity sheets out of our letters and numbers workbook and some from this website that I found on Pinterest...

I also used another idea that we found on Pinterest to make Valentines for the grandparents and daddy...

Working on a project

Not to sure what to think about it all

Hearts made from hand prints

Since all girls LOVE jewelry, we made and painted a popcorn and marshmallow necklace for fashionable snacking...

Add caption

Painting with food colored water

Just paint, dry, string, and eat

All we had were large marshmallows, but the mini ones would be much better for this project 

We of course had to get our shape of the week involved in some cooking activities...

Hot dog hearts

4 heart shaped apple slices

4 heart shaped cucumber slices

Making heart shaped cookies

We read some books about love...

Played some dress up {this has nothing to do with valentines lol}

and all though it is not the most important part of Valentines Day, it is maybe the funnest part, getting some Vday goodies...

A couple gifts from mom and dad

Modeling her Vday outfit

Smelling a couple roses daddy brought home for her

Hey, I got another one

These are for mommy

But we added hers into the mix

Daddys Valentine 

Mommy ended up with some chocolates to go with those flowers 

The kiddos also got a nice Vday package from their GG and Pop Pop..

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