Saturday, April 16, 2011

Family Fun Day

So now that everyone is filled in on the past few days, I will update you on our Awesome Family Fun day today. Luke has been super busy at school lately and he will only be getting busier in the next couple weeks. Isabelle and I are packing up to drive 3 hours over to the west side of Florida to Ft. Myers in the morning to visit with some family, so we wanted to get in so good quality time today :)

Isabelle was up with the chickens as usual and we all were dressed and heading to the South Florida Kids Expo by noon..but not before we made a very important stop.

Looking Fly in her new summer duds!

 Now if you read about our day yesterday, you will know that we went to Barnes and Noble. When we got home yesterday, Isabelle could not find her babies aka Dora and Diego, so we deducted they must have been left there. Luke called first thing this morning and sure enough they were there so we stopped off to pick them up.

With all the excitement of reconciling with her missing children, she needed a little nap on the way to the Kids Expo.

We make it to the Expo and who do we see first??


She was sooo excited to see that both Ironman and Spiderman were there. We jumped right in line, but when it was our turn Isabelle decided she didn't like Ironman as much as she thought so we waved and moved on.

Next was an area hosted by a local gymnastics club..

We made it to the front of the line and the helper was a we once again..moved on. We thought a bounce house might be juust what she needed!

This girl looooves to bounce
We had to beg her to come out of the bounce house with promises of cotton candy..and then who did we see??

It's Minnie Mouse!

There were so many things to do..mixing sand, pony rides, face painting, balloons, power wheel races, fire trucks, and so much more..Next we ran into some very pretty ladies!! The Disney Princesses!

My camera was horrible in that lighting and Cinderella went to the bathroom right when it was out turn..Otherwise, it was great!
After all of that waiting in line, we grabbed a seat to wait for the Gator Show!

Gatorland, which is out of Orlando, was there and did a Gator Wrestling show. The guy almost got snapped a couple times :{

After all that drama we decided to take one more walk around and then get some lunch..Here is some of what we encountered 

Storm Troopers dancing with the Chick Fil A Cow

The Berenstein Bears!!

This was the most important stop of the day and the person we came to meet...


We grabbed some lunch on the way home and all tried to lay down to relax for a little bit..Isabelle snuck out of her room and into the kitchen and finished off the cotton candy we brought home. Needless to say, no one got a nap so we all hung out a while and then got cleaned up to go to dinner.

We love Italian food and coming from Washington our only options are Bobe's and on special occasions The Olive Garden ( since it's in Eville). Now, I would kill for a Bobe's down here, but thats not going to happen and surprisingly there are few Olive Gardens and the few we have been to have not been that great. There is a Carrabba's   Italian Grill right down the street from our house and after hearing several good things about it, we decided to give it a try tonight...Best decision of all time!

The food was AMAZING and the waitress was soo nice and really engaging with Isabelle.

We had to make a quick stop at Target on the way home for some milk and juice and Isabelle was soo happy to find this..

Scooby Doo and The Witches Ghost!! This is the movie with the infamous Hex girls which were the inspiration behind Isabelles Halloween costume this past year. She has watched it on TV a million times so when we found it for 3.99 we grabbed it up for the 3 hour car ride in the morning! So, we are all home..Isabelle in her bed and us heading to ours to watch some Harry Potter! Going away until Tuesday so look for an update all about it! 

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Erica said...

Looking cute as usual! It is so cool how much fun stuff you have around you guys! Hope you have a fun and safe little trip to see family.