Friday, June 22, 2012

All About Isabelle

 Since my last post was All About Jude, I thought is was only fair that Miss Isabelle get her own post as well. It's easy to get caught up in all the growing and new things that Mr. Jude is doing and forget that Isabelle is doing a lot of new things herself.

Isabelle's favorite role these days is Big Sister.

This girl loves her baby brother! Whatever room she is in, he has to be in too. If she is playing a game, he "plays" too. They are truly two little peas in a pod...


Feeding brother some rice

He thinks she is so funny

Showing Jude how to work his toys

Snuggling on the couch

Tickle time

She made me bring him him into her room

Playing Busytown together
Besides being an awesome big sister, Isabelle also likes to try to help/be like her good ole mom {that's me ;)}

Both baby Jude and Ariel packed and ready for a Dr. appointment 

Isabelle Style Yoga

My laundry

Isabelle's "laundry"

Organizing the snack drawer

Making a list of what we need

Miss Isabelle will be the first to tell you that she is a DIVA {or Diba as she says it} sometimes I think I have a 14 year old trapped in that 4 year olds body...

Posing before heading out on the town

Showing off her Hello Kitty nails


Purse packed, watch on, ready to go

But deep down she is still a little girl and loves to play, play, play...


Proudly showing off her double straw which she claims to have invented...

Dress up with her "sister"

So excited to take her very first trip to Build A Bear Workshop. This was a long time want for her...

Waiting very patiently for it to be her turn

She picked a kitty

and some jammies of course

Adding her name on the board

Getting stuffed!


So happy to have Lilly Hilly, her build a bear kitty

More swimming!

Playing "The Circle of Life"

Our Isabelle has NEVER been a good sleeper. She will fight it to the last minute and usually winds up falling asleep in funny places...

Straight up in bed

In a plastic chair

While hiding on the couch

In the car

Who knows what that girl will come up with next!

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Andrea said...

I just love that little girl.. I hope if I have a girl shes like Isabelle. I feel like I "know" her thanks to your blogs lol..