Sunday, June 3, 2012

Indiana Vaca

Hey Blogger world! I am back! Before I get into our 2 week trip to Indiana, I would like to thank everyone who emailed or messaged me regarding not posting new blogs. I am thrilled that you miss me when I'm gone and on a similar note, I would like to thank everyone who continued reading through old blogs pushing me to the brink of 60,000 views!!

Now, back to my absence. As some of you long timers know, our family is from Indiana and we have gone back there to spend the summer every year since my husband has been in pharmacy school. Since he has completed his 3rd year of class work, he does not get a summer break this year{wah wah} and had only 2 weeks off before he had to start his interning rotations. So, we decided we would spend the two week break in Indiana.

Our original plan was to drive together as a family on May 4th but things don't always go as we plan. Unfortunately, my uncle Tony passed away that Monday and travel arrangements went from driving as a family, to me flying solo with BOTH kids. This in and of itself was an adventure. I plan on sharing all about it in an upcoming blog, Traveling With Kids.

Mr. Jude ready to board the plane

Sitting up in his seat like a big boy!!

Ready for take off!

Isabelle played

While Jude napped

We were all happy to make it to Indiana and get to spend some quality time with our family...

Lazy afternoon with Pop Pop

 Popsicle with cousins 

Swimming at Papaw Bill's

Riding the 4wheeler {very, very, slow} with big cousin A

Chocolate face at mamaw and papaw Myers house

Jude loved laughing at his cousins playing

My husbands mother has ran a preschool and daycare center for years and is retiring this year. Isabelle has loved participating with the kids during our summer visits, so she took part in her Mamaw's very last preschool graduation program.

My SIL presenting my mother in law and her partner with flowers for their big day

Isabelle and her Diploma

Isabelle and her "teacher".. Ms. Clara/Mamaw :)

Having some cake with her friend after

Mamaw and her grand babies, Isabelle and LP

Playing with the kids after

Besides playing at the park after the program, we had a nice afternoon there on another day where Isabelle played, made friends and Jude napped under the shade of a tree...

Isabelle, soaked head to toe

Isabelle and her new friend

Mr. Jude...enjoying one of his famous naps

While Jude did do a lot of his usual napping, he also had a lot of fun while in Indiana...

Jude's first time in an excersaucer

Getting "plugged in" by sissy

DJ Jazzy Jude

Having fun at GG and Pop Pop's

We took off one afternoon on a quick trip to French Lick. We went there on our honeymoon and stayed at the French Lick Springs Hotel and went back  this past summer for our anniversary and stayed at West Baden Springs Hotel. If you have never been there yourself or have never heard of it before, you should defiantly go or give it a once over online...BEAUTIFUL. Anywho, we went down to get some wine from the winery to bring back to Florida {its the only red i like} and we hopped over to West Baden to take a walk with the kids...

Isabelle of course got a road nap in after we listened to the Lion King Soundtrack 

One of the huge fireplaces in the atrium at West Baden Springs Hotel

Comfy Cozy

Basking in the glow of the sun

The Sweet gang in the library at the hotel

Pictures on the porch 

Isabelle took this picture of us

Checking out a huge horse...Isabelle LOVES horses

Making a wish

Such a peaceful place

Lots of beautiful grounds to explore

We celebrated mothers day while we were there and spent time with all the mothers in our lives. Special Edition Sweet Kidlet Number One, made me this lovely gift...

Soon, our time was up and we had to say goodbye once again to the fam with lots of "see ya in a couple months". Then we were back on the road for the second half of Traveling with Kids, the 18 hour car ride...

One last GG rock before the road

Works like a charm

Isabelle playing at the hotel on our trip home

Jude hanging out in his very own bed

Sitting in a restaurant high chair for the first time

My little angels

They love each other

                                    R.I.P. UNCLE TONY

Thanksgiving 2011
"Bother me tomorrow, today I'll buy no sorrow." Creedence Clearwater Revival 


Andrea said...

I'm so glad your back to bloggin.. I can't wait to read your blogs about your travels with the kids ;)

Also I'm sorry to hear about your Uncle.

Beth said...

I am glad you are back to blogging too! I kept thinking we would run into you while you guys were here but I knew that you'd be busy (and I was sorry to hear about your Uncle as well.) One time I went into Family Video and saw that Luke had won the quote of the week, and I thought, darnit we just missed them! Thanks for sharing all of the over-the-top adorable pictures of those cuties. Love the one of Jude with the headphones. Take care!