Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July Fun

We had a lot of fun this year! We are normally in Indiana for the 4th so this was our first Florida celebration. We had plans to hang out at the pool in the afternoon and then wanted to go downtown to watch the fireworks.

We went to the store and got some fun forth goodies and headed to the pool.

Isabelle iced these cookies

It was hot of course so Isabelle jumped right in the pool. After some serious swimming it was time for a cool treat for both young and old...

Independence Day Iced Teas

Isabelle wanted to wear this suit because she thinks it looks like fireworks

After that, Isabelle started in on her snap and pops {my childhood favorite}

Loving it

We decided in the long run that we would watch the fireworks from our house instead of fighting the downtown crowd. I think this was a good choice because both kids were in bed by 930 and I heard it took over an hour to get out of downtown traffic. I didnt get anymore pictures because we were too busy having fun!! Hope you all enjoyed and fun and safe 4th!!

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