Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In House Fun

I feel bad for what I am about to say because I know that most of the country is in a drought but...It is rainy season here in Florida. All the rain to supply the rest of the US has been dumped here in the "sunshine" state. This has kept us indoors A LOT lately. Here are a few of the things we have been doing to try to entertain ourselves while cooped up in the house.

Coloring! Of course coloring is an old stand by for indoor fun but skip the paper and round up some old boxes or cardboard from your recycling and let the kids go to town.

Isabelle spent lots of time decorating her stage and then putting on shows for myself, her animals, and of course baby brother.

No matter how much time we spend indoors, my kidlets find a way to get themselves dirty. This is a creative way to get kids into the bath to wash up or just something fun and different for them to do for play time...

Toss in a couple of glow sticks!!

You can use bubbles for real baths or throw in some toys and let kids put on goggles and "swim" in the tub.

You would be amazed at how many fun science projects you can do with your kids with things you have right at home. This is an experiment we did in Science club when I was in high school{I know, I'm a dork}

Put some water in a plastic bottle...Let me add that I DID THIS NOT THE KIDS. They watched. 

Take a can of dust remover and spray it into the bottle

This will freeze the water in the jug in a matter of seconds

It wasn't a new toy or a trip to a fun locale, but sometimes it the simple things that make the most fun!!

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