Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet Kids

The kids have been up to all kinds of things lately. A lot of Isabelle's time lately has been strictly focused on Diva like activities. While I was organizing my bathroom drawers {I will show you soon} she found some fake eye lashes and begged me to put them on her. So, I finally gave in and did her up, lashes and all and then took her request even further by appeasing her with a "cheetah girl" photo shoot.


Her favorite cheetah skirt and shoes

She has also had some fun putting on her own make up, make up on her doll "sister", lathering herself in lotion, wearing perfume, and sneaking into moms closet for shoes and jewelry. 

When Isabelle is not thinking about being a diva, the next thing on her mind is animals. We have had a lot of bird activity in our yard lately.

Baby ducks!

Group 1 of 3

2nd group

There were over 100 birds out that day

We are members at our local zoo. On Friday nights in the summer time, the have Safari Nights where the zoo is open from 5-9 and they have live music, face painting, animal encounters, free carousel rides, and of course all of the regular zoo activities all free to members! So, we made our first visit this past Friday.

Isabelle and daddy looking at some turtles

Jude having some dinner

Searching through the mist to find the tigers

Isabelle touching the skink

Daddy's turn

While I do my chores and projects, the kiddos are very "helpful".

Isabelle assisting in the bathroom drawer project

Jude "helping" too

My lovely assistant hammering nails

Having lunch that sissy helped with

Isabelle's apple pizza she made

We have been finding fun ways to beat the heat lately.

Bed couch movie marathon

Ice breaking
This is one of those things I saw on pinterest, but then forgot about until I saw that one of my fellow bloggers at Love is the Same did it for her son and it seemed to be a big hit!

We had the same result at our house!! Just take a plastic container, fill it with water, add a couple drops of food coloring, throw in some toys, freeze, and viola!!

I got through an entire chapter in my book in the time it took Isabelle to break all of her toys from their icy prison. We have done this several times since.

Jude has been spending A LOT of time working his way around the living room floor and let me tell you, he is QUICK! After he pulled the vacuum on top of himself we had to come up with a solution for when mom cant look every second.

pillow prison

He doesn't seem to mind

 We did another glow stick bath...

Isabelle had some fun crafts to do thanks to a package from Mamaw and Papaw Myers.

Isabelle LOVES the nook and often falls asleep with it or finds new places to hide with it.

I love my Sweet little humans. They are always keeping me on my toes...with a smile on my face :)

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Jen said...

ha ha, love that last picture! your kids are so cute!