Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas this year was COMPLETELY different from last year. {You can revisit Christmas 2011 here} We were back in Indiana with our family which was great, but very, very hectic. Also, let's not forget we now have TWO children!! We missed out on a couple of our usual traditions during the madness, but were happy to be all together for the holidays. One tradition I was able to keep up with {but not photograph as much as I wished} was our elf on the shelf NoNo. We had a BLAST with him last year { you can read about him here and here }

Sadly these were the only pictures I got this year.

We always spend Christmas Eve with my family and this year we had it at our house. I spent HOURS decorating the house and it was super fun to cook and play hostess to my family. If you missed all of the Christmas d├ęcor over at my other blog From Florida to Flora; Our Home Sweet Home, then you can click here to check that out.

The kids kicked off the festivities by opening their traditional Christmas Eve gifts. This is carried over from when I was a kid and we got to open one gift on Christmas Eve. Our kids get 2. One is their Christmas jammies and the other is usually a small toy or book.

She insisted on wearing this outfit, believe me...not my choice

Big sister helping Jude with his gifts

The rest of us opened our gifts and visited and before long it was time for a couple pictures in front of the tree before heading upstairs to bed.

The Beatles throw we got for my dad

Jude's 1st Christmas

Before long the night had passed, the sun was rising, and Santa had come {but not before mom snuck down and took a few photos}

The view walking down the stairs

Santa came!!!

Santa always leaves his gift out and unwrapped that way the kids know mommy and daddy have SOME part in Christmas and all those presents ;)

Jude got a train table and a chase me kitty

Isabelle got a doll house and Leap Dog

The middle gift was somewhat of a mystery???

Cat supplies?

That's right...Cat supplies. Santa left a stocking full of cat supplies and a note that hinted there might be something in the bathroom.

Isabelle's stocking

Jude's stocking

Isabelle finding the cat stocking

We of course had to play with the kitty before we opened the rest of our gifts.

We had to be out at my husbands parents house by 9 a.m. so we practically had to force them to open all of their presents to get through in time.

Checking out his Elmo

Before it was time to head out, Isabelle decided to name the cat! Meet the newest member of the Sweet clan...Rocko

Time for some Christmas fun with the cousins.

Take 1

Take 2

It is what it is

Anna and Jude

Reese licking Isabelle's feet

Jude and Leighton checking their stockings

Present time

The girls and their sassy Justice outfits

Pretending she is "texting" on her calculator in her new chair

He loves his big cousin Anna

I wish Christmas never had to end...Until next year, Merry Christmas!

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