Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas

First, let me start by saying that Blogger seems to be having some sort of issue so some of these pictures may be out of order but you will get the idea :)

We had such an amazing Christmas this year! Isabelle was super excited for weeks. We are all about family traditions around here and   each day we enjoyed one of these traditions the excitement was only amplified. Some of our traditions include...Making a gingerbread house...

The finished product 

Daddy cutting all the fondant pieces 

Baking cookies for Santa...

Baking for Santa in her jammies

Driving around to look at Christmas lights...

Dressed in her Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve heading out to look at lights

A new tradition this year was our Elf on the Shelf, NoNo...

Zip lining NoNo

One of my favorite traditions from when I was a kid is getting to open one gift on Christmas Eve. We have adopted this tradition as well all though this year she actual opened a couple since one present was her Christmas jammies and one was from her GG and Pop Pop...

Excited to open up her gifts

Yay...a Busytown playset

Ready for round two

Christmas jammies

Opening her gift from GG and Pop Pop

An awesome Ken doll 

Modeling her Christmas jammies

After all the days excitement, it was finally time to leave out cookies for Santa, carrots for the reindeer, and get into bed...

Ready for bed

After Isabelle was long asleep, Santa crept into the living room and got to work filling stockings and setting up his gift...

Santa got a little carried away with the stockings this year

Isabelle's favorite crossing guard Srgt. Murphy

Isabelle's gift from Santa

He ate the cookies

He also left a nice note

I could barely sleep all night. This is the first year that we have been in our own house on Christmas morning and not staying with family. Although we missed getting to spend time with everyone in Indiana, it was nice waking up and having our own Christmas morning together. Finally, at around 6:30 a.m., I heard Isabelle squealing in the living room, " Santa was here, Santa was here"...

So excited to get the doll she asked for

Checking out all the stocking loot

Santa wants us to take care of our teeth!

After checking out all the goodies Santa left behind, it was Isabelle's turn to play Santa and pass out all of the gifts. Some of these were sent to us from family back home and others were from us...

Little Santa

Daddy's stack is growing

My stack is looking promising 

An owl ring I got from my momma

Books from GG and Pop Pop

Daddy's turn

A Phish shirt from my mom

This girl loves her Littlest Pet Shops

A walking Pet Shop

Surprised to find out I got him both of the games he wanted...I am sneaky :)

Happy Camper

Perfection from Mamaw and Papaw Myers

A huge box of goodies from Luke's parents

A rock painting kit from Uncle Tim and Aunt Barb

Isabelle's pile post unwrapping 

After all the gifts were unwrapped we spent the next several hours opening up all the parent proof packages, eating stocking candy, and playing with all our new toys...

The aftermath 

The Littlest Pet Shop Tree house we heard about for months

We are so blessed and truly had a very merry Christmas!


Brecklyn said...

I'm digging the new layout! Nice choice.

Beth said...

Glad you guys had a great Christmas! So baby Jude just missed it then!? Take care and thanks for sharing all the cute pics!