Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Last Leg

As you know, I have been in the process of moving Isabelle's bedroom to one room and all of her toys to another. Until now, she had most of her toys in her bedroom with some of the in the spare room, so I have been working on turning them into two different rooms totally. Isabelle was up early as usual and decided she wanted Spaghetti O's for breakfast. After trying to get her to eat something else for a while I figured there were much worse things she could be eating so I gave in and she enjoyed them while watching Aladdin on TV for the first time..

Isabelle was amazed that I knew the words to the song " Arabian Knights" in the beginning of the  movie and I used it to get some funny faces out of her..

I took advantage of this time by getting on the internet, drinking coffee, and chatting with my mom. Isabelle was bored with Aladdin quickly and decided to do some flash cards...and then load them up into her wagon..

I had my fun but then had to get serious and put the final touches on Isabelles toy room for the time being..

TV area

My great grandfather made this desk

Puzzle, book, and art area

All girls need to play dress up
Isabelle of course was playing around me the whole time I was working on this project

Isabelle and Mr. Bear
Since Isabelle had been spending a lot of time in the living room the past couple days  it had become a disaster zone, so I had to take care of that...but I made Isabelle help me :)

Isabelle did her share and then I had to take I time out for some very pressing business....

Snakey Snake who we got at the one of the zoos we went to lost his eye yesterday...It was MIA until I found it while vacuuming and had to halt all other chores and reattached said eye immediately. As you can see, Isabelle was very happy to have a healthy Snakey Snake back just in time for bed.  Sorry. I'm sure the last few days have been a real snore but it is what it is. As for me, I am settling in to watch the new episodes of my favorite Thursday shows ( after a long hiatus) with a beer in hand.ssssssiiiiiggggghhhhhhh. REEEELLLAAAXXXX :)

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