Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Fun...And A Little More Work :)

As I mentioned yesterday, My dad made it to town on Saturday night...Yay! I let him have all day yesterday to relax, visit, and watch football but then today, I put him to work! First on the agenda, hanging curtains in Isabelle's room...

She of course had to pose with them

Then, he changed a light bulb in our bedroom hall way { this particular bulb has been burnt out for over a year because we couldn't figure out how to open the fixture}

Then he tighten the hinges on 2 of our doors which were almost impossible to shut without slamming and then helped me haul 4 bags of clothes to the clothing drop box down the street...

Isabelle was a busy bee herself today! We finally got to transplanting that veggie garden { which was trickier than I thought it would be}

Adding soil to the pot

Watering her veggies

Proud of her work

Happy to be back in the sun

Lunch time arrived and Isabelle wanted pizza. We found this cool little "make your own pizza" kit at the store, so we whipped one out and she got to work...

Someones excited

Adding the sauce

Concentrating super hard

Adding the cheese

Almost there

Ready for the oven

After lunch, Isabelle was ready for some crafting! So, I looked to Pinterest for something new and fun...

This is what the pinterest project was supposed to be

Then Isabelle decided to take it in her own direction

That lasted all of 5 minutes so then it was on to finger painting...

Jude of course has been sleeping like an angel all day, mom has been wrapped up in a book she's almost done with, and Luke is off at his frat initiation so I haven't gotten much of a break today. Dad came through again and took Isabelle outside to play for a while so I could work on a tutu bag order I have been putting off...

and I am still not done...

sigh...there is always tomorrow :)

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Andrea said...

Hopefully I'll be placing an order for one of those bags on day lol I LOVE them!!