Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fun with Baby Brother

Isabelle has been doing great with her baby brother. After 4 years of being an only child, we were worried she would act out for attention. Although she has had her moments {Like when we say the baby is cute and she chimes in "Im cute too" etc} she has been an excellent big sister. She loves to pick out his clothes, run dirty diapers to the trash, and anything else that makes her feel like she is taking care of her brother. She has also been having lots of playtime with him like, showing him how to bat at his toys...

Showing him his toys

Snuggling on him...

Giving him a kiss

My angels

We have been trying to sneak in some solo play time...

Playing perfection

Doing some rock painting

Mom's pea in a pod rock

Then its back to playing with baby brother. This time making Jude...Judy...

Proud of her little "sister"

He does make an awfully cute girl lol

I see lots more of this in the future!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Haha what did Daddy think of "Judy" lol and Perfection.. Love that game!!! Oh and P.S. Your dresser you got off Craigslist(??) was a total SCORE! I love it!